Marble Machine a Buildable Battery Powered Marble Machine Also Known As the Perpetual Motion Marble Kit

Buildable Battery Powered Marble Machine

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From the makers of the Useless Box, comes the next totally useless, but totally awesome gadget, the Marble Machine! The Marble Machine is a scaled down a marble maze that operates on its own using battery power. The marble tumbles down the funnel, through the chute, and is automatically brought back up to the top to start the process over again. The full circuit takes a few minutes, but it you’re impatient you can speed up the process by using the hand crank. The Marble Machine comes in a DIY kit. The kit comes with everything you need to build your own marble machine, except for a Philips #1 screwdriver and a little bit of glue. The wooden parts come in three panels with detailed instructions on how to assemble your own machine!

  • BATTERY POWERED: The Marble Machine is powered by battery. Can also be cranked manually.
  • DIY KIT: A Do It Yourself kit that you can assemble on your own.
  • MADE OF QUALITY MATERIAL AND PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR DESK: Made of Russian birch wood and measures approximately 4″ x 4″ x 3″.
  • ITEMS NEEDED FOR ASSEMBLY: Philips #1 screwdriver and glue required for assembly. (These items are NOT INCLUDED!)


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