HEX3 AppTag Laser Blaster for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android Phones



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The HEX3 AppTag Laser Blaster works with iPods, iPhones and/or Android devices, but not quite like other similar products do. This one uses high frequency sound, so essentially, you don’t even need Bluetooth or WiFi. (Don’t worry, the high frequency sounds are not harmful to the human hearing and won’t disturb animals since the volume is very low). So how does it work? Well, basically you load the app, clamp your portable device to the gun and then you have your very own laser tag game.
HEX3 developped two apps (single-player and multi-player) that are available in the Apple and Android app stores. Just search for the work ‘AppTag’ and you’ll find them.

HEX3 AppTag Laser Blaster Product Demonstration



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