Lego Friends – Summer Caravan



Finally, Lego for girls! The Summer Caravan is a fun and educational toy for your daughter.  Through building this set she will improve on her small motor skills and problem solving skills. While having fun!

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Lego for girls are finally here! They aren’t just for boys anymore.

Growing up I loved LEGO and I didn’t mind that it was promoted as a boy toy.  It was just plain fun to build anything that came to mind… which usually ended up being some weird looking house or fort. But if I had a choice I would have been all over the LEGO Friends set.  These awesome sets are designed specifically for girls, come with female figurines and cute animal characters and have awesome themes like the LEGO Summer Caravan set.  Girls can go camping, BBQ, setup the trailer and have fun all without help from boys!  GO GIRLS!

Recommended age: 6-12.
Available at Lego

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