Littlebits Deluxe Set - Electric Circuits For Kids

Littlebits Deluxe Set – Electric Circuits For Kids


Introduce your kids to electronics with the Littlebits Deluxe Set.

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Are you looking for electric circuits for kids? Then you should definitely look at what Littlebits has to offer. In our opinion, it is a great choice for the little engineer wannabes in your family. This kit comes with eighteen different color-coded modules that your kids can connect together in a thousand different ways, each one having a different function (lighting up, blinking, buzzing… you name it.). The kit also comes with a 30+ page booklet. No programming is required for these components, and no soldering/wiring, which makes it a good choice for someone just starting out in the world of engineering. Once your kids develop a taste for it, then you can move onto something more complicated.
Recommended age: 8+

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