Reading Games For Kids

Teaching children how to read can be a challenge, however if you can make it a bit more fun for them it might make your job just a bit easier. In our experience, the best way to make learning fun is to incorporate a few gadgets and toys into every learning experience. Keep reading if you are interested in discovering amazing reading games for kids.

Reading Games For Kids

1. Alphaberry
This little gadget is a great way to teach the alphabet to children who are 18 months or older. This game combines music and letters in a Blackberry-styled device that lets children hear each letter out loud, repeat the letters, and then learn different songs to reinforce the concepts they learned.



2. Hasbro ABC Adventure Elefun
As kids get older, they can switch to the Hasbro ABC Adventure Elefun game, which is great for children between 1 and 3 years old. This game provides them with connections between the alphabet, sounds, and their first words teaching over 100 words and 75 different sound effects with songs and activities. Kids learn to hear a word, see it in print, and repeat it, while seeing a sound and image associated with it to reinforce learning.

Reading games for kids


3. LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet.
For children who reach 4 years of age or older, one of the best companies for such concepts is that of LeapFrog. This company produces a range of products that can teach children of all ages to read. The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet is an educational tablet designed to offer games, applications, books, and videos on a plethora of academic topics in a fun and interactive fashion. This tablet is designed to help children learn how to read and write by sounding out words, reading sentences aloud, listening to audio books, and learning to write their letters using interactive guides. In order to learn how to read, children will read sentences aloud, sound out their words, and play games and puzzles that help reinforce the concepts. But more than that, children are introduced to lessons on how to write and how to learn by listening through the sequence of different strokes that lead to letter and number writing, as well as learning songs, audio books, and trivia that reinforce comprehension while simultaneously introducing new vocabulary. The games can be automatically adjusted to the needs and skill level of each child, enabling parents to track their progress and see what learning goals have been achieved.
Toys to teach kids how to read


4. Leapfrog Tag Reading System
This is a wireless device that looks just like a pen. It has an infrared camera designed to scan the letters and words in a book and convert them into speech. This gives children the chance to hear the words and sentences in a book out loud with a single electronic device. It makes reading fun even for those who might still struggle to learn.

LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System, Green

5. Scrabble Flash Cube
Another great addition to your inventory of reading games for kids, is the Scrabble Flash Cube. Great for kids 8 years old or more. This is a digital version of the word jumble that can be set in terms of its difficult to the academic level of the child. To play, children are given 3-5 tiles with different letters and they have to make as many words as they can before the timer is up. The tiles will light up after a word has been made and the machine will beep until the time is up. Kids using this cube can entertain themselves solo or play with friends and family.


We hope you found our list of top 5 reading games for kids useful. If you have any experience with any of these toys, we’d love you hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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