5 Halloween Safety Gadgets to Keep Your Kids Safe This Year

With Halloween just around the corner, many kids want the adventure of trick or treating without parent supervision, while parents most certainly do not. That said, there are some great Halloween safety gadgets this year that can let parents rest easily knowing their kids are on the streets.

Halloween Safety Gadgets

Here are a few suggestions that we can offer, to reduce some of your stress this year:
1. LED Shoe Clip Lights For Safety At Night

Halloween gadgets

These LED clip-on devices fit all shoes. They securely hook to your children’s shoes without the use of fasteners or adhesives. They can also be worn around the wrist. They are bright, keeping kids visible to other cars or people in the dark for up to half a mile. The LED lights offer maximum brightness too. What’s more, the color can be changed so that kids can use the flashing mode or the color changing mode. They are weatherproof and waterproof so kids can wear them even in inclement weather.
2. Batman Begins Batarangs & Halloween Light

Halloween gadgets

This fun safety light can easily be integrated into part of their costume, perfect for blending in and for safety. When wandering around at night, kids can use the 2 batarangs and the safety flashlight to ensure they stay where it is safe.
3. My Buddy Tag with Silicone Wristband

Halloween gadgets

The My Buddy Tag is another great choice for Halloween safety. Kids wear it when they hit the streets with bags in toe and it alerts parents any time their kids are out of their proximity. The nice thing is that the proximity is adjustable so parents can outline the areas which children can go for trick or treating. If the child goes out of that designated area, parents are notified. If kids start to submerge in water, it also sends an alert. Another great feature is that when kids need your help, they can hit the panic button on the band and it will alert parents that their kids need them. There is a coin screw fastener on it so it cannot be easily removed and it can also be attached to a shoelace or discreetly placed inside of a pocket. It is compatible with many phones and tablet devices so parents get immediate updates to their phones.
4. Quick Stick Write-on! Child ID Tattoos

Halloween gadgets

These fun stick-on tattoos let parents write information such as “If lost, please call (XXX) XXX-XXXX” so that kids can be safely returned home in the event they get lost. They are easy to apply and last for days. They are also waterproof so they won’t wash away in the rain.
5. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Halloween gadgets

This watch has a motion sensor on it and comes with an alarm in case of emergencies. It also displays things like the time, if they need to be back by a certain point, as well as a stopwatch if they are only allowed out for a specific amount of time. Kids can also use it to take pictures and videos or record things with the voice recorder while they are out and about.
Has anyone out there tried these Halloween safety products before? Maybe you have some other suggestions? If so, we’d love to get your feedback! BTW – If you are looking for a good GPS tracking watch for your kids, start by looking at these iGPS Watch Reviews. Until next time!



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  1. I’ve use the clip-on lights on my running shoes at night, and they work really well… never thought about getting my kids try them for trick or treating. Great idea.

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