Amazing Gadgets for Kids – That Are Wearable!

Amazing Wearable Gadgets for Kids

Updated on 2017-04-02 -- Kids are always looking for new toys and gadgets to play with, so why not interest them in wearable gadgets this year? This is quite a year for amazing gadgets for kids. This year the newest wearable gadgets come in all shapes and size but bands and gloves seem to be the most popular way to interact with games today. Kids love being able to move around the house, kicking or jumping in place, and see the results in front of them which is why these three wearable gadgets for kids are among the top rated this year.

Amazing Gadgets for Kids

1. The Moff Band.
This motion sensing, and wearable toy for kids was released last year but this year has been scheduled for re-release with its Pac-Man update. The slap-on band is light weight and brightly colored. It connects with Bluetooth and functions as a controller. This means that kids who have the Pac-Man classic arcade game application on the iPad can simply swing their arm around to move Pac-Man to and fro. But that is not the only game where this band comes in handy. Other ninja based games, laser based games, and guitar based games using the Android and iOS Moff Band application can use kids’ gestures to play the game in a more hands-on approach. This takes a great deal of imagination to use and perfect for any kids between three and twelve with a thirst for knowledge. Supported by PBS Kids, this band can be used on Apple iOS products and Android products with over 30 realistic sound effects and weekly upgrades.

2. Gameband
Finally, there is Gameband. Today, almost all kids play Minecraft. With the plethora of benefits it has to offer, this wearable gadget functions as an accessory for teen fans and not just a toy. Released by Mojang, this wearable gadget can hold 8GB of storage so every player can literally carry around their in-game creations while they visit a friend, and then show them off. The band has a customizable LED display on top. More importantly, it is splash-proof which makes it the perfect gift for those somewhat clumsy kids around the house.

3. Merge VR -- Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android
With these virtual reality goggles, your kids will be transported into a whole other world. Although there are a lot of these coming out these days, the Merge VR goggles were deemed to be one of the best in it’s category, by Consumer Reports, CNN and more. These goggles are designed with extremely light and soft foam, so your kids can keep them on for a long time. Use them to turn your iOS or Android smartphone into something your kids have never seen before. They can explore amazing VR apps, games, virtual tourism, videos recorded in 360, and a whole lot more. Available at Amazon now at a great price. Have a glimpse at the following video to give you an idea.

Merge AR/VR Promo 2016

4. Disney Playmation
For kids who love Disney films, and for those who particularly love the Marvel classic’s like Iron Man and Avengers, these live action gloves will make kids feel like they are really in the movie. Disney Playmation is another great wearable gadget for kids. This is an imagination-friendly toy which is made up of tiny action figures, a base station, and the Repulsor gloves. The kids wear the gloves and use them to literally move around and play in the game. The best part is the kids get to start with Marvel’s Avengers, and will soon be able to play with Star Wars and Frozen. The toy is a great crossover which needs a tablet or smartphone app to guide the motion sensors, infrared, and missions. Kids can be Iron Man and try to hit Activator targets while they play.

What did you think of our list of wearable and amazing gadgets for kids? Awesome? Boring? Other ideas to add? Whatever it is, we’d love to get your feedback. Use the comment form below to let us know! If you have time, check out the other posts in our blog or other reviews and toy talk!
Updated on 2017-04-02 -- We shuffled a few things around (moving the items around in order of popularity) and included a new one in the mix, the Merge VR!


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