Kre-O compatible with Lego

When it comes to building blocks for kids, Lego has been known to dominate the market and produce some of the best high-quality building blocks available. In fact, Lego is known as the King in the building blocks world. However, as most parents know, this comes at a cost since their building blocks are among the most expensive on the market. No other company, be it the MegaBloks or Best-Lock, have been able to offer them stiff competition. But now there might be a new contender… Hasbro’s Kre-O line of building blocks. If you are wondering “Is Kre-O compatible with Lego?“, keep reading.
Lego and Hasbro have been in the toy business for ages now and both are great companies who have amazing products. The main difference between the two companies is that Lego specializes in building blocks and doesn’t venture out too much from that niche, whereas Hasbro has a wide range of toys and are fairly new to the building blocks game. In simple terms, the Hasbro Kre-O line is the newer kid on the block while Lego is the grand-daddy. (If you want an idea on what Hasbro has been up to lately, have a look at our post “What is Hasbro Up to Lately?“).
Most people might argue that Kre-O copied Lego. We aren’t going to comment on that, but we can confirm that both companies make some pretty amazing building block sets.
BrickBoy Lego

So Is Kre-O Compatible with Lego?

The long and short of it, yes, they are compatible. Hasbro has indicated that Kre-O blocks are compatible with the “leading brands on the market”. (They do not specifically mention Lego, or any other companies, for legal reasons). However, we can say through our own experience with products from both companies that they do fit together. The only thing is that the connection is not as “smooth” as if you connect two Kre-O pieces or two Lego pieces together. The connection between the two is just a bit more snug, that’s all.

Major Differences

Here are a few of the differences between the blocks:

  • Quality – In our opinion, the quality of the pieces is slightly better with Lego. Just grab 5-6 Kre-O pieces and connect them together and then do the same with 5-6 Lego pieces and you will notice that the quality of the connection is just a little bit better with Lego. At least in our opinion. We just find that the connection is a little bit stronger. (You can do the same test as we did and build a Kre-O car and Lego car and race them against each other to see which one stays together longer.)
  • Cost – When it comes down to the price you pay for amount of pieces you have to assemble and complexity of the set, Lego is definitely the more costly of the two. You also pay for the slightly higher quality.
  • Color – One thing you will notice is that some of the colors are different between the two. Some colors like dark blue and red are the exact same. Other colors like silver, white and yellow are “off” a little bit. It’s not a big deal, unless you are building something where color really matters.




In our opinion, both companies make some pretty decent building blocks. Hasbro has a great line of Transformers and Dungeon & Dragons sets, while Lego has been known to come out with amazing building sets around the same time as popular kids’ movies come out. It really all depends on what your kids are into these days.
Well, we hope we answered the age old question “Is Kre-O compatible with Lego?“. What do you think of both companies? Which one do you prefer between the two? We’d love to get your feedback, so please use the comment field below before you leave.


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