Kid photography gadgets and resources

We’ve noticed lately that more and more kids are becoming interested in photography. Maybe it’s the fact that most kids nowadays have access to a mobile device, making it a lot easier to take pictures. However, some kids (like ours) want to go the extra mile and dive deeper into the world of photography. The problem is that with so many difficult terms, types of cameras, and hundreds of books out there, parents find it intimidating and aren’t exactly sure where and how to start. That’s where our latest post comes in. We will cover cool kid photography gadgets and resources that should make your job of introducing your kids to photography just a little bit easier. Your kids will be taking amazing pictures in no time.

Kid Photography Gadgets & Resources

1. Udemy “Digital Photography For Kids” Online Course

Udemy has a course available for kids called “Digital Photography for KidsDigital Photography For Kids” for kids who are new to photography and want to learn how to use a digital camera or mobile device to create amazing pictures. They’ll start by learning a bit of history, then they’ll discover the best settings for their camera and how to take pictures the right way, using features like angles, zoom and more. Here’s an intro to the class.

Fun With Photography A Course For Kids, Intro Video

2. VTech KidiZoom Cameras

The VTech company offers two cameras that are designed for kids. The first is the VTech KidiZoom Action Cam, which is great for preschoolers or younger littles ones. This unit lets kids take photos, capture movies, and even play games. What’s more, knowing the trouble most kids get into, the unit has a waterproof case and is durable, so it can take a hit and keep on going. There are mounts included in the package so kids can mount the units to their bikes or their helmets. There are different cartoon and distortion effects included in the camera so kids can really play around with some neat features. The colorful, fun design is easy to operate too. The camera has 128 MB of internal memory from a micro SD card which parents can choose to replace with something higher if they want.

VTech KidiZoom Action Cam

The other option is the VTech KidiZoom Duo, available in blue or pink colors for boys or girls. These cameras have switching buttons with a front and back lens, so kids can take selfies of themselves and friends, or even capture amazing nature pictures or whatever else they want. There is a 2.3 inch color screen so kids can see the pictures they take. There are photo edit options included as well, 4x zoom features, photo effects, a voice recorder that offers five voice changing effects, movie taking features, stop frame animation, and five games for kids to play when they are not busy taking pictures.

VTech KidiZoom Duo
3. Go Photo!

This is a photo activity book for kids. In this book, which is designed for kids between eight and twelve, they can take part in fun photography experiments or games. They can complete indoor or outdoor photo safaris complete with half hour activities to an entire day worth of activities if they have the energy. There are things kids can do alone, with friends, with family, or with an unsuspecting pet. The book has a set of pictures, a guide to photography tips, but most importantly a collection of fun photography projects designed to enhance children’s creativity. Each activity is fun, practical, and accessible. Definitely a great addition kid photography gadgets you should get this year.

Go Photo!
4. National Geographic “Kids Guide to Photography”

The Kids Guide to Photography offers tips and tricks on how kids can become great photographers. It even highlights how to take pictures with friends and family. Whether they have a phone or smart device of their own, or like playing around with mom or dad’s, this guide gives kids all of the essentials they need to set up their shots, from staging the lighting just right, and which software to use for post-production editing. It includes a list of photography terms and basic equipment and covers things like lighting aperture, depth of field, lenses, composition and more. Kids can learn how to photograph different subjects such as landscapes, people, animals, or sports. Before and after shots are included in the book with tips and visual explanations from famous photographers at National Geographic.

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

There are many benefits of introducing your kids to photography. If you are planning on doing this sometime soon, we are sure these resources above will help. Have you used any of these kid photography gadgets and resources already? If so, we’d love to get your feedback! Just use the comment box below. Also, check out the rest of our Blog for other great news and information on toys. Until next time!

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