fashion plates deluxe kit

The Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit is a classic mix and match set, but this time around it is better than ever! If you have an up-and-coming designer in your family and you want them to come up with fabulous fashion designs, this is your ultimate set. The new fashion plates make designing easy and fun. First we’ll give you a brief history of the company behind this product and then we’ll get into our review.

Kahoots Toy Company

The Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit is starting to gain momentum again, which is probably because of all its amazing features. So who is behind this fantastic kit? Kahootz Toys.
Kahootz Toys is a Michigan based Toy Company that creates and sells creative products. It was started in 2012 by Colleen Loughman, Brent Oeschger, Joe Yassay, and Doug Cass. Kahootz Toys is dedicated to bringing you classic children’s products, including but not limited to Lite Brite, Spirographs, Fashion Plates, Pomz, and Padzooks. It is the continued effort by the owners to provide quality childrens’ products that has kept this company going.


Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit Features

The Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit has a stylish portfolio case that neatly stores all your necessary tools (tablet, tools, and plates), making it easy for you to work on your fashions and designs on the go. This set includes:

  • Drawing tablet
  • Eight colored pencils
  • Fashion folio & idea guide
  • Portable storage case
  • 15 double sided fashion plates
  • Holder and a transfer crayon
  • Twenty sheets of design paper



Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit Pros & Cons



Here are just some of the pros of this kit:
1. Easy to use – The Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit is easy to use, and this is its main selling point. If you are buying it for your kids, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Changing plates to come up with different designs is extremely easy.
2. Good value – The Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit is your ultimate choice if you are looking for the most bang for your buck. For one, it’s not overly priced, and two, the kit is great for a wide age group so younger and older kids will have fun using it.
3. Quality – The tablet, plates and other accessories are made of high-quality materials, not the usual flimsy plastic parts you normally get with a kit like this. Definitely worth every penny.


As much as we love this kit, there are a few things we want you to keep in mind:
1. Paper thickness – The paper included in this kit is a little bit too thick in our opinion. Hand and facial details don’t always show up. You may have to invest in other paper depending on how much detail you want.
2. Limited choice of colors – We found that there was a lack in variety when it came to the colors, especially if you are into drawing different skin tones. Again, depending on your preferences and design plans, you might have to invest in other colors.


There is no doubt that the Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit is something every kid would love to have as a present. Except for the few cons, this product hardly disappoints.

Has anyone out there tried the Fashion Plates before? What did you or your kids think of it? Whatever it is, we’d love to get your feedback!


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