Fidget Spinners Review – The New Craze Sweeping The Nation

Fidget Spinners Review - The New Craze Sweeping The Nation

Son – “Daddy, I want a fidget spinner – everybody has one!”
Dad – “A WHAT!?”
If I had a penny for the number of times this conversation was happening this week then I could retire early! Yes, Fidget Spinners are the next big playground trend amongst our kids – chances are if you have children, they most likely have a Fidget Spinner already!
Hotly tipped to beat the Yoyo and the Pog combined in popularity, these new fidget toys are set to take the world by storm. But I bet you have no idea what they are…


What are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners are small palm sized gadgets made of metal, ceramic or sometimes even wood, with two or three prongs. What makes them spin? They also have a circular bearing (similar to a skateboard bearing) in the middle, which is the place where you hold the device between your finger and thumb. When then? You simply give it a spin, and then you watch. In its basic form, it’s as simple as that, (but others are even starting to do fidget spinner tricks!)
Is that all? Yes, pretty much. Isn’t it refreshing to see the emergence of a gadget that doesn’t involve a screen, a filter or an emoji?
This begs the question, in a world of wonderful electronic gadgets, Minecraft and Youtube, what do kids love about these toys? As an experiment, we purchased two, one for ourselves and one for our 8-year-old Niece.
Here are my findings:

  1. You can pick one up very cheaply or as expensive as you want them to be. We typed in ‘Fidget Spinners Argos’ and Alas, they don’t currently provide them. We did however find Fidget Spinner UK. They are available here for under £10. You’ll find that they are expensive, as you want them to be. If you wanted one custom made out of explosion proof alloy than you’ll be looking to pay £50+, but for the purpose of this experiment, we bought cheaper ones – even if they don’t look as cool.
  2. They can get really addictive – At first, we didn’t see what the hype was with these toys, but now our eyes have been opened – they can keep you occupied for hours on end. They’re truly mesmerizing. Some have a spin time of over 5 minutes, which is great for mindfulness practice – we felt strangely revitalized and focused. No wonder that adults with concentration issues are using these too – it does take your mind off the day-to-day strains and stresses of life – if for just 5 minutes.

    Red Fidget Spinner - Available at Fidget Spinner UK
    Red Fidget Spinner – Available at Fidget Spinner UK


  4. Kids LOVE them – all of our Nieces’ friends had their very own fidget spinner – the trend really is sweeping the nation. They’ve had mixed reviews from teachers, some claiming that they find them useful in calming those with ADD and others claiming that they’re just another nuisance and distraction to learning. The nation of teachers is divided so it will be interesting to see whether these toys are allowed to remain in our school playgrounds.
  5. There isn’t much else to them – no flashy tech, no app to download, just a gadget that is refreshingly fun, fits in your pocket and most importantly, keeps the kids happy!

Whether you need an outlet for you fidgety behavior or you just think these gadgets look great, give it a try and see what the hype is about for yourself – we say, it’s worth a spin! (pun very much intended).

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