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Updated on 2017-05-15 – Let’s face it, not all kids enjoy the great outdoors, so bringing them along on camping excursions can sometimes seem excruciating. With camping season rounding the corner very soon, we thought it would be a good idea to share our list of fun camping games that the whole family can play. Now everyone can enjoy the next family camping trip!

Fun Camping Games For Everyone

1. The GoSports Slammo Game Set is a top seller this year, and there is no doubt why that is. This game comes with the balls, a rule book, and a carrying case so that you can easily bring it with you on any adventure. Currently ranked as one of the top selling new games, this particular variation of the classic game functions as a two person on two person volleyball type game, which makes it perfect for families. Teams need three hits in order to return the ball into the circular net in the center. This net sits at ankle height on any flat surface. It offers excellent cross training for a multitude of sports, which makes it a somewhat ideal starting game to use as a warm up before engaging in some of the other top five camping games.

2. The next fun game to play is the Elite Ring Toss / Quoits Game. This game is ideal for children and adults alike, currently earning itself a number one rating for its game type, with a compact carrying bag for easy transportation on your next trip. This game teaches children how to develop hand-eye coordination while bringing the family together.

3. One of our favorite things to do when we go camping is to play catch. On a nice sunny day, there’s nothing more fun than throwing around a football or frisbee to pass the time. But, if you are getting tired on the same old thing, then we have something new to introduce. The Fündapop completely changes things around and has been dubbed “The Future of Playing Catch”. The game starts with both players slipping on a “Fündapop”. Then, just drop a Fündaball into it and then snap your hand open and watch the ball skyrocket through the air. Will the other player be fast enough to catch it?

4. The Coop Magna Flying Disc Challenge Game Set is another one of our favorite outdoor games, that you can bring on your camping trip or just play in the backyard at home. It’s a disc game that can be played by 2 or more players. The general idea is that you pick a distance and then try to knock off the targets one by one. First player or team to reach 21 wins. Too easy? Nope. It also has other interesting challenges, including rotating targets!

5. Lastly, try the Bean Bag Toss – Tic Tac Toe – Cornhole Toss Combination! This game brings the fun of the original tic-tac-toe but adds a splash of modern designs. If your children become bored, just turn the board over and instantly they can try throwing touchdowns. This game has a reversible board which can instantly change from an educational game to one where children master strategic thinking, counting, and learning as a family. It can be easily transported and set up anywhere in the outdoors.

What did you think of our list of fun camping games for kids? Awesome? Boring? Other ideas to add? Whatever it is, we’d love to get your feedback! Another option, for kids who just need a bit of down time, is an amazing new puzzle gadget called Morph’s Egg. Check it out when you have a chance.
Updated on 2017-05-15 – In the last year, we had a chance to try out a few more outdoor games and we were blown away with how much fun they were, so we decided to update our post for this summer. We hope you enjoy the new picks! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fun Camping Games For The Whole Family

  1. I like the GoSports Slammo Game Set and Elite Ring Toss / Quoits Game ideas…but the Halex Stick-ums Toss Game is so old!

    1. Ha ha, we know… but it’s still a huge hit with our kids when we camp. We just had to add it to the list! 🙂

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