Great Toys For Visually Impaired Children

Toys For Visually Impaired Children

There are a ton of toys on the market that cater to children who are visually impaired. But how can you tell which ones will actually work and which ones are a waste of money? Well, based on feedback and comments from other parents, there’s no straight-forward answer to that question. What we mean by that is that one toy may help one child to develop, but not the other. Does that mean it isn’t worth buying? Of course not. It just comes down to trying a few to see what works and what doesn’t work. Having said that, we did compile a list of 4 toys for visually impaired children that have had a lot of positive feedback with regards to encouraging visual development and teaching important things like words, shapes, patterns, and artwork.

Toys For Visually Impaired Children


  1. Mini Rainmaker – Hohner Kids has a line of Mini-rainmaker toys each of which is meant to improve gross motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, improve visual sensory development, and encourage auditory sensory development.


  3. Raised Line and Braille Color and Paint Art Book – This Art Book features twelve raised line art drawings taking from themes like pets, food, jungle, and mythology. Each drawing features the printed word and the Braille equivalent. One of a series of books, this book is ideal for crayons, markers, or watercolor paints. Plastic page protectors keep it clean and safe. The raised line art pictures are ideal for visually impaired children who need the added structure and feel of the raised print. For those who need to improve their fine motor skills or want to simply enhance their sense of touch, this book fits the bill.


  5. Roylco Teach Me Shapes Rubbing Plate – The Teach Me Rubbing Plate comes in a set of sixteen plates, each of which are four inches by just over five inches. For parents who want to get involved, these plates come with a teaching guide. Perfect for exploring the world of patterns and shapes, these plates are each designed to encourage children who are impaired to be more creative and artistic. Featuring tactile tracing paths, the perimeter of each plate lets visually impaired children feel the shapes. What’s more, each plate reveals a simple shape with a unique interior pattern when a sheet of paper is laid over it. Children can use crayons to scribble over the plates, rub the plate, and create fun designs and pictures.


  7. Braille UNO Cards – UNO is an extremely popular car game played by a lot of families around the world. But now, there is a new and improved version. It’s now available in Brailled format which can be played by visually-impaired children as well. Similar concept to the original, you need to be the first to reach 500 points to vanquish your ennemies. Can be played with two to ten players. Minimum suggest age is seven. (You can also contact the company to get audio instructions if required.)

    We hope you found this list of toys for visually impaired children useful. If you have or know any kids that have benefited from these toys (or even other similar toys), we’d love to get some feedback from you on what worked and what didn’t. Just use the comment box below! And don’t forget to check out our Shop before you go. We’re sure you’ll find something useful. Until next time!

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