Latest Lego News

Latest Lego News

Anyone interested in a good investment knows that the Lego Company offers great returns on any and all investments. With amazing sets and toys being released regularly, there is never a dull moment for this company and customers can always sit in anticipation of the next release. Keep reading for the latest Lego news.

Latest Lego News

That being said, the Lego Company has many Lego sets which are currently in the process of being designed and a handful that have only recently been released this year. A lot of customers and fans (which includes us of course) are always dying to know what Lego sets we can expect to find in the upcoming year.
Lego is definitely on top of movies and current events, which often serve as the foundation for the new designs. Right now, Lego is planning to release a Martin Luther Lego, holding a Bible. This toy is based on a new animated film and follows the trend set forth by the Shrek 2 and Puss in Boots animated Legos.
Lego Darth VaderReleased in September of 2015 was the Darth Vader buildable figure from the Star Wars Lego set. As well as the Scooby-Doo Team Pack which includes 97 pieces such as Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, and miniature versions of a Scooby Snack and the Mystery Machine.

In other news, Denmark is sending not only their first astronaut into space, but 26 Legos to accompany him in what is being called the Lego Space Mission. Denmark is sending uniquely designed Legos which will boast the official logo of the European Space Agency. And upon successful completion of this mission these toys will be given away as part of competition prizes to schoolchildren.

On January 1, 2016 the DC Universal super heroes will launch the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Lego set. This set will coincide with the soon to be released film bearing the same name. The set will include Batman and the Batmobile as well as Superman and Wonder Woman. In total there will be 306 pieces, many of which match the promotional posters for the film.
As part of the Marvel Super Heroes theme the Iron Skull Submarine Attack set will be released in 2016. This set will include Iron Skull, Hydra Henchman, Captain American in a scuba suit, and Iron Man in a scuba suit. But that is not all that Marvel’s Super Heroes are offering Lego fans. Also set to be released in 2016 is the Avenger’s Space Mission set. This set will have Iron Man in a space suit alongside Captain America in a space suit, Captain Marvel, Hyperion, and Thanos. Marvel has also let slip that the same year will see a Captain America Civil War set inclusive of Captain America as a miniature figure.
On March 15, 2016 the Gamer Kid miniature figure will be released as part of the Midway Arcade Level Pack, part of the LEGO Dimensions set. For anyone who loves Ghostbusters, the new Ghostbusters Level Pack, set to be released January 16, 2016 is sure to please. With 115 pieces and the Peter Venkman miniature figure, this set brings all of the fun kids could want.
Hope you enjoyed the latest Lego news. We certainly did!
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