4M Magnet Science Kit - education games for kids

4M Magnet Science Kit


Teach your kids about the awesome power of magnetism. Great addition to your list of education games for kids!


The 4M Magnet Science Kit was designed to teach young kids the mystery behind how magnets work. If it sounds boring, don’t worry. The kits comes with fun experiments and games to make the learning process easier and interesting. The kit comes with all the materials your kids need to make things like a magnet wand and even a super power horseshoe magnet. They can also make other things such as a Yacht Compass, Super Magnet racer and more. Another bonus is that the kit includes activities such as the Fishing Game, which will keep your kids busy for hours, all while learning how magnets work. Great addition to your list of education games for kids.
Recommended age: 8+

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