Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher


Looking for fun outdoor games and gadgets? The Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher can launch 2 liter soda bottles up to 100 feet in the air!


If you are looking for fun outdoor games for the next family gathering, then you might want to take this cool gadget out for a spin. (Assuming you are outside that is). Kids and parents will have a blast for hours. The Aquapod uses a special mix of water and air to launch the bottle. All your kids have to do is fill the bottle with water about half way up, pump some air into it using a bike pump, and then hook it up to the launcher. Once they are ready to launch, they just step back about 10-15 feet and then pull on the cord to let ‘er rip! (The pull cord is 15-feet long so your kids can stand far away before launching it.)

Note: The manufacturer recommends that parents use a bike pump with a pressure gauge when filling the bottle/launcher with air. (The Aquapod has an emergency release at 60psi, so the gauge will let you know when you are getting close.)

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Aquapod - Bottle Rocket Launcher

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