BARREL SLIME - 5 SET Good Gooey Fun FOR KIDS, Colored CRAZY SLIME of 5 Different Colors, Blue – Yellow – Green – Red - Black. By HOOBABA

Barrel Slime - 5 SET Good Gooey Fun For Kids - By HOOBABA


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✮ Do you need an interesting present for the little ones? Are you looking for a perfect idea to make fun of your friends? Or maybe you just want to try
something new as an anti-stress toy? Crazy Slime by HOOBABA will totally meet your expectations!

✮ Slime toys are well-received among kids. Unlike other slimes, Crazy Slime by HOOBABA doesn’t get you wet and never leaves annoying stains on the walls.
So even if your kids throw it rather high and it’ll stick to the ceiling in your living room or a kitchen, it won’t make it dirty.

✮ Impress your friends by pouring it from the containers on their smartphones or keyboards and enjoy the result! You will laugh at the way they react for a long time!

✮ Crazy Slime is a liquid, but you can easily tear it apart and then rejoin it, splash it and put into the containers again without any mess. Pleasure and laugh are guaranteed.

✮DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE to have this box full of joy!✮

✮Each package includes✮

✓ Colored box with 5 containers inside.

✓ Containers include bright blue, yellow, red, green and black colored slimes.

✮Crazy Slime looks like an alien creature, but it’s rather friendly anyway✮

✓ t’s made of non-toxic material so it won’t hurt or irritate the skin.

✓ 5 strong colors won’t get you bored. You can choose the slime that perfectly matches your ideas.

Crazy Slime is a great funny gift for adults with a good sense of humor, a pretty Halloween accessory, a helping stress-relief toy and an unforgettable
experience for everybody. Add it to your cart, place an order and enjoy!

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✮ NO risks on the purchasing Our main goal – is to make your happy! Just buy, try, and if will be unhappy just send us a message and we will return your funds or change the gadget for other one. NO ANY QUESTIONS! Just relax and enjoy -this is HOOBABA!
✮ SET OF 5 DIFFERENT SLIMES FOR THE BEST PRICE. Each client gets a box with 5 containers. So you can enjoy 5 different slimes of blue, yellow, red, green and black colors. The more different slimes you get, the more reasons for tricks you have!
✮ GOOD GOOEY FUN FOR EVERYBODY. Adults will surely like it too. Scare you colleagues with unknown neon colored slime from the other planet, putting it on their desk in the office or hide it in the friend’s stocking. Whatever you choose, this Crazy Slime will ideally realize your funny ideas!
✮ POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT TOY. This alien liquid creature from the container can become a good friend for children that never makes them bored. It’s a nice way to make every kids’ party or playing games funny and unforgettable.


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