Beetle 4 Channel RC 2.4Ghz 4-axis Aircraft UFO 3D Tumbling with LCD Display Blue - remote control aircraft

Beetle 4 Aircraft UFO Remote Control with LCD Display


Here's a different breed in the world of remote control toys for kids. The Beetle 4 Aircraft UFO remote control flies forward, backwards, up and down and can just hover if you want it to.


This is not your normal remote control aircraft. It’s the Beetle 4 Aircraft UFO remote control which flies indoors and outdoors, and can handle wind weather of grade 3-4. It’s ultra light and has a strong resistance to impact when being knocked around.

What’s neat about this RC is that it has an LCD display which makes it a lot easier to operate (especially if you are new to the RC world).  Fly it forward or backward, up or down and just plain hover around for awhile. It can do all of that, at longer distances because of the 2.4Ghz support.
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