Box and Balls Game




So what exactly is the Box and Balls Game? As the name suggests, it’s a set of wood boxes and bouncy balls and the idea is that you have to solve/play different games using a combination of the two. The games are printed on the side of the boxes. Some of them are great for beginners who want to get used to how it works, then you get into more complicated scenarios. The great thing about Box & Balls is that there are limitless possibilities… when you get tired of the suggested games, just invent your own challenges! Fantastic for family game night, birthday parties and rainy days. Benefits/features:

  • Comes with eight boxes and 8 balls.
  • You can play solo, one on one, team against team, etc.
  • Great for developing hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking.
  • Great for all ages!

Box and Balls Game Product Demonstration


Bouncing, Rolling, Trick Shot Game: Box & Balls


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