BrainBows, BrainDrops & BrainFreeze

BrainBows, BrainDrops & BrainFreeze – The Ultimate Brain Pack!



You really want your youngsters to prosper in today’s scientifically-inclined world. However, some parents just don’t know where to start because they don’t know much about it themselves. That’s where the Brainstick helps. What it is? Consider it a triad of polymer marvels that will definitely enthrall the young ones in your family. How does it work? All they have to do is add some H2O to develop gallons of blizzardy awesomeness with Brainfreeze ™, or they can make small water balls with “Braindrops” which can be used to ambush their siblings, and if that’s not enough, they can grow awesome multi-colored, round pellets/spheres which are great for tossing around, with “Brainbows”.
What do you get with it:

  • Braindrops with BrainGlow: Can expand up to two hundred times when dunked in water. Can also glow in the dark!
  • Brainfreeze: Miss the snowy weather? This one lets you create it whenever you want!
  • Brainbows: If your kids have some patience (yes… some do… not mine, but some), just submerge these bad boys in some water and wait a few hours. The result = small marble-sized pellets that your kids can throw and smash against things.


BrainBows, BrainDrops & BrainFreeze Product Demonstration



Maybe the This Ultimate Brain Pack Is Not For You?

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