The Coggy Game


Test your kids' mental toughness with the Coggy brainteaser!


Looking for kids brain games? Then you have come to the right spot! The Coggy Game is one of the latest brain teasers from the Fat Brain Toys company and is a great choice if you are looking for a toy that is a bit more challenging for your kids. Coggy comes with 40 challenge cards and sixteen colorful gears and the idea behind it is that you have to pull, stretch and/or turn the gears to match the challenge card. Sounds easy? Maybe at first, but then things go from easy, to not so easy, to very hard! (4 levels of difficulty available). The gears are also double-sided, one side being colored and the other black and white.
Recommended Age: 6+

The Coggy Game Product Demonstration


Gear-Grinding Brain Teaser: Coggy


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