Coop Magna Disc Challenge


Great way to work on your frisbee skills!


Looking for fun backyard games for this summer? Then add the Coop Magna Disc Challenge to that list. It’ll be a great hit with the whole family and a great game to play if you have an outdoor birthday party or family event coming up. The idea behind this game is to make up teams (or play one on one if you don’t have enough people around) and score points by knocking off the different targets, with a frisbee. Simple enough, but I guess that all depends on your frisbee skills!
The great thing about this kit is that you can switch it up and create your own challenges… rotating targets, adding distance, placing obstacles in the way (i.e.: Uncle Tom), etc.

Coop Magna Disc Challenge Product Demonstration


Coop Magna Disc Challenge on Nonperfect Parenting


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