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Letting your kids tinker and dabble with things is extremely important because it expands their minds and creativity. So why not assist your young developer’s creative imagination fly with the Craft-tastic Tinkering Kit? This kit will allow them to construct a zip line, set of expanding grabbers, sculpture out of paper, a marionette, and a whole lot more. Cool things that the kit comes with:

  1. Wood sticks, paper, paper clips;
  2. Rubber bands, felt, wire threader;
  3. Pom poms, feathers, cotton string & more;


Craft-Tastic Tinkering Kit Product Demonstration

We couldn’t find a video demo on the “Tinkering Kit”, however we did want to show you some of the possible creations you can make with other amazing Craft-Tastic products, such as the 3D String Art Kit:

Craft-tastic 3D String Art Kit


Tinkering Kit Not Your Thing?

If that’s the case, visit our Arts & Crafts section for other neat crafts that our ThinkTank has come up with.


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