Deluxe Quoridor Board Game

Deluxe Quoridor Board Game


Improve your kids' problem solving skills with this challenging board game.



The Deluxe Quoridor board game comes with a beautiful, high-quality walnut playing board and playing pieces. If your kids love playing one on one games like chess and checkers, then we think that they will love this game. The idea behind this game is fairly simple, but you shouldn’t be fooled. When it’s your turn, you have a very important decision to make. You either move your pawn or you try to block your opponent by placing a wall up. Sounds simple right? Not exactly, because one wrong move can mean the destruction of your pawn and a loss of game!
Make this quoridor board game a part of your family and you’ll improve everyone’s problem solving skills! Winner of some very significant awards, such as: the Parents Choice Award, Major Fun Keeper Award, and to top it all off, Mensa’s Top 5 Best Games Award.
From the manufacturer: “This brainy timeless game has been pitting good friends against other good friends and everyone leaves each game a little bit smarter than they were before. With such straightforward guidelines, the game truly is as challenging as your most difficult opponent. And with such an exquisite board as well as the pieces that come with it, how can you not bring it home to enjoy and be a part of your household forever? Deluxe Quoridor is a stunning and brainy must-have!”

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