Dino Pet Bioluminescent Aquarium


Let your kids experience the amazing dreamlike nature of bio-luminescence!


The Dino Pet Bioluminescent Aquarium uses a combination of nutrients, H20 and sunlight to activate the Bioluminescent dinoflagellates that live in the micro-aquarium. So what are bioluminescent dinoflagellates you say? They are a type of non-toxic marine plankton and when they are fed the proper nutrients, they emanate natural light in the dark, when someone shakes them. Perfect night light for your kids when it’s time to go to bed!
No power or batteries needed. In fact, this is such a cool product that many parents buy and use them as contemporary show pieces throughout the house.
If you buy this product through Amazon, it comes with a “Filler Up” coupon card which you can use to get free dinoflagellates
and dino food (US only).

Dino Pet Bioluminescent Aquarium Product Demonstration


Your very own pet Dino!


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