diy smartphone projector

DIY Smartphone Projector


This simple little tech toy is a low-cost approach to sharing your telephone's screen.



With this diy smartphone projector, all you have to do is put any cell phone or small tablet into the cardboard box and the lens augments the picture by up to eight times. The entire contraption was designed using cardboard and glass, so it’s ultra-versatile, absolutely remote, and uses no extra power.

The kit comes with instructions that will guide you on how to build it, which is really simple. Just fold it and glue it where it says to, and then slap in the glass lens. Once you’ve assembled it, the only thing you need is a dim room and the actual device you want to use (small cell phone, Ipod, etc.).

Your kids can take this anywhere they go (hotel room, sleep over at a friends’,etc.) and they can play any movie or viral video they want, on a bigger “screen”. Gone are the days where 4-5 kids have to huddle around a tablet to see what the cool kid is looking at!


  • Box size: 7″ x 6.75″ x 4
  • Can magnifiy up to 8x
  • Works with any smartphone or iPod smaller than 3.5″ x 5.75″

Available at Vat19