Dr. Eureka Game


The ultimate game that brings the mad scientist out of you!


The Dr. Eureka Game is generally played with one to four players and is a game that will test the family’s visual perception to the core! The idea behind this game is that you move the substance from one test tube to another (without dropping it of course) and then position it depending on the challenge card chosen.
This Eureka Game comes with the following cool contents:

  • Sixteen different balls (eight red, eight green and eight purple)
  • Twelve test tubes
  • Fifty-four super challenging cards
  • Instructions on how to play this amazing game

Recommended age: 8+ (with adult supervision)
Is your family ready to take on the challenge of mad scientist? ? ? We hope so!

Product Demonstration


To the Table - Episode 131 - Dr. Eureka Unboxing


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