Dream Cheeky 358 iLaunch Thunder - cool gadget

Dream Cheeky 358 iLaunch Thunder

This cool gadget lets you launch missiles at your friends or family members using your iPhone/iPad.


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This cheeky little device lets you launch missiles at whoever or whatever you want, using an iPhone or iPad.  All you have to do is download the free app from Apple’s on-line store and then let them rip.  The missiles are made of foam, so there is no chance of damaging anything and they can be launched with a 270 degree horizontal rotation. Here are just a few examples of how/when you could use them:

  • Set up action figures or lego characters and start a war.
  • Wake dad up when he’s having a nap on the sofa.
  • Surprise your cat during feeding time.
  • Office missile war?

There are limitless possibilities with this cool gadget.

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