Flingset is a simple, but awesome game that can get the whole family involved. All you have to do is hang the magnetized “Flingshot” (board) to any surface and start launching the nifty little Flingons against it. Count the points like a regular dart board or just create your own games. Great distraction to have when your kids need a break from homework, you have company coming over, etc. This should definitely be added to your arsenal of fun family throwing games.
Comes with everything you need to get started, except your “game face” (only you can bring that):

  • One magnetized board for launching Flingons at
  • Eight Flingons
  • Also comes with wire to hang the board

The great thing about throwing games like this is that parents can even bring them to work for a bit of distraction of those stressful days.

Product Demonstration On Why Throwing Games Are Awesome



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