Freaky Freezy Gloves



This neat collection of Thinsulate kids winter gloves, called Freaky Freezy Gloves, includes a multi-tone faux-leather external covering, embellished with an absolutely rad retro design. When the temperature level goes down, these state-of-the-art gloves start to morph into different colors and cool details. Not only will your kids be the coolest on the playground, they will be warm at the same time.
Technical details in case you are worried about the warmth factor:

  1. The insulation is 100g Thinsulate
  2. The front part of the glove’s shell is one hundred percent polyamide.
  3. The back portion of the glove’s shell, and palm area are composed of a mix of polyester and polyurethane
  4. The inside stays toasty warm because of the Thinsulate polyethylene & polyester material

Important note: For kids, stick with the Pegasus-Unicorn style, where the size is “Adult Small”. The Futuristic Fighter Jet style, is only for adults, or kids with extremely large hands since the size is “Adult Large”.

Freaky Freezy Gloves – Product Demonstration

We’re sorry, demo not available at this time.

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