Hi-Tech 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control Toys Smart Robot, Interactive Robot for Kids,Children,Girls, Boys

Hi-Tech 2.4GHz Remote Control Robot Smart Toys, 5 Modes Interactive Robot for Kids,Children,Girls, Boys

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Robotic Toy has build quality and hardware features, Equipped with a Strong 2.4Ghz transmitter controllable distance more than 65 Feet (20 meter), perfect for Birthday Gift, Christmas Present.

Simple to set up– install batteries, charge, take off charger, turn on the robot and remote on and get to playing.

Style: Robots for kids; Remote control toys; Interactive robot for Kids/Boys/Girls 5 different modes– the signal light on the front of robot changes to show what mode it is in.
1, General Mode– Purple Signal Light, use the joystick on the remote to move the robot around, you can feel that , give me a remote, I can control the robot. Yes, We can!
2, Dance Mode– Dark Green Signal Light, the robot plays music and move itself around.
3, Rally Mode– Red Signal Light, it allows two robot PK game.
4, Gesture Mode– Blue Signal Light, Remote controller does not work, you control movement with hand gesture only.
5, Balance Mod– Yellow Signal Light, the robot is equipped with a tray, could be slower and steadier and can carry items on its tray or in its hands. You use the remote to control motion.

Package includes
1× Toy Robot For 8 + Years Old Kids
1× Rechargeable batteries for Remote Robot
1× Remote controller (batteries not included)
1× The charger for Rechargeable Batteries
1× Manual
1× Tray
1× Kick Stand

Please place the robot into a floor not a table or counter-top and it will automatically begin balancing itself before you remote control it.
Please reading the manual before playing with Yzee
1. Hello, my name is Yaya. I am an intelligent humanoid robot, i am here to be your good friend, i won’t annoy you, i won’t attack you, i will do whatever I can to make you feel happy.
2. I am self balancing, i am able to automatically begin balancing myself when placed on the floor (not table or counter-top), and my arms are poseable, you can place a tray on my hands and add some objects on it, i will walk like a real man and bring you objects you need.
3. I am remote controllable with 50 feet long range controller, my eyes light up and my chest indicator light change into different colors based on different actions, i will play with you for about 30 minutes after one fully charge.
4. I have five super fun modes, i can dance with music, i can walk with tray, i can battle with my brother, i can sense your gesture, you can show me to move forward/backward, turn left/right, i always wait for your orders, my little master.
5. I am rechargeable, save money and help protect the environment; i am a perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift for my little master age 3-9 years old, i can’t wait to see you!


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