Hydraulic Robotic Arm



Are your kids interested at all in engineering type toys or games? If so, the Hydraulic Robotic Arm is great choice for him or her. The kits lets them build a 3D model of a functioning robotic arm. It’s extremely well made (i.e.: plywood parts are solid and durable) and takes about an hour to build, which means you’ll keep them busy for a while. Not only that, they get to learn about robotics and other cool engineering principles.
Once it is fully built, it measures around thirty-four centimeters tall and can stretch up to forty-one centimeters. But that’s not the best part… it actually rotates ninety degrees and can pick up and move small items.
The kit comes with everything your kids need to build this cool hydraulic robotic arm, except they’ll need a ruler and a pair of scissors, which are not included in the kit.

Product In Action


Hydraulic Robotic Arm

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