i-Loom – Weaving Loom For Kids


The i-Loom mixes weaving and technology to produce amazing creations.



Interested in getting your hands on a cool weaving loom for kids? Then the i-Loom is a great place to start… as long as your kids have an iPad 2 or higher. What makes it so cool is that it mixes weaving with technology (which we’re huge fans of) and the two combined allows your kids to produce some very creative items. Using their iPad, your kids can do lots of interesting things:

  • They can select a pre-existing i-pattern, which has step-by-step instructions
  • They can make their own patterns
  • They can even share the things they make with the i-loom community!

The easy-to-follow guides that come with the i-Loom will help you design and weave even the most complicated patterns. You’ll want to show off your bracelets for the world to see, wear them yourself, or share with friends!

Important: The kit does NOT come with an iPad. This must be purchased separately.

Recommended age: 8+

i-Loom Product Demonstration


i-loom Unboxing and Review! ♥ Friendship Bracelets Made Simple


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