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The Kano Computer Kit is an easy and fun way to let your kids make their own computer. If any of your kids show any interest in coding, this is a must-have. The purpose of this kit is to introduce your kids to standard programming languages, but by using cool and fun coding challenges and projects. They will learn all about typing code & code blocks, Linux commands, Python (for more advanced kids), JavaScript (for Web/game/app development) and more. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of coding fun for beginners or for more advanced kids.

  • Your kids learn how to build their very own computer.
  • Comes with a ton of fun coding projects and challenges (over 150 hours worth) that cover a range of subjects like art, music, gaming, applications and a whole lot more.
  • Includes all the hardware you need such as the Raspberry Pi 3, casing, audio speakers, and more. (Note: The add-on Kano Screen Kit is sold separately, however you can connect this to any HDMI screen.)
  • Includes a ton of amazing apps that show you code, like good old Pong, Damage & more and more commonly used apps like an Internet browser, YouTube, etc.
  • This kit is trusted by over 700 schools and programming clubs around the world.
  • No tools are needed to build it

Preferred age group: Sweet spot is 6-14 years old

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