Knit’s Cool Knitting Studio


Your kids will learn how to knit in no time with this cool knitting studio.



If your kids are interested in learning how to knit, but don’t necessarily like the old school knitting needles, then this is a perfect way to introduce them to knitting. Just set up the Knit Posts and get started right away. The Knit’s Cool Knitting Studio is a fresh out of the box new arts & crafts gadget that lets your kids make their most loved dress up things without the bother of common sewing needles. Outfitted with all that you need to sew a customized scarf, a chic boho headband and a slick telephone case, you can start sewing with the Knitting Studio today!

The kit contains a bunch of great stuff to get started in the knitting world: pink and blue yarn, knitting posts, crochet hook, instruction guide and more. Have a gander at the videos on if you want to see it in action.

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