LEGO® Notebook with Studs



Why is the LEGO® Notebook with Studs so cool? Not only is it sturdy, you can write in it, draw in it and the kicker, you can also build Lego on it!  Features/specs:

  • The notebook measures 11 inches x 5 inches
  • Baseplate that can handle  5 x 24 studs
  • Sixty 1×1 flat tiles (different colors) – Not enough color choices? Just use the ones you have at home!
  • Ribbon page marker so you can find your favorite spot in the book anytime

Perfect gift for the Lego fan in your home. Recommended age: 6+

LEGO® Notebook with Studs – Product Demonstration

This video will give you a general idea on what you get with this product. (Note: The color of the book in the video is different.)

LEGO Review – LEGO Notebook from the LEGO Store – Set 850686


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