Lightup Tesla Kit



If you have a little engineer in your family who has shown a bit of interest in electronics and coding, keep reading. The Lightup Tesla Kit is a circuit building kit that gives your kids a head start in the world of electronics and coding, but in a safe environment. Instead of soldering complex circuit boards together, the circuit boards are magnetized and just snap together. Kisd can build neat things such as intruder alarms, musical devices, a remote control for a TV & other neat things.

lightup tesla kit

The cool part however, is the iOs app called LightUp Learning. Using the app, which is completely kid friendly and easy to use, kids can:

  1. Learn important concepts related to electronics.
  2. Build basic projects to get started (using drag & drop programming block codes), and then move onto more complicated projects.
  3. Take a photo of the project you are working on and help you troubleshoot where it’s not working.
  4. Get a glimpse of how the “electricity” actually flows through the circuit boards.

The LightUp Tesla Kit is the perfect activity to get kids interested in electric engineering and coding!


Product Demonstration


LightUp Tesla Kit Bluetooth Edition from LightUp


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