Magic Labyrinth Board Game

Magic Labyrinth Board Game


Mystical and enchanting memory game that will keep your kids busy for hours!



What do you get when you have a memory game, and add a mystical theme to it, with hidden mazes, and a Master Wizard??? Pure awesome fun for hours. With the Magic Labyrinth Board Game, the goal is for the players to collect a bunch of lost objects, before the Grand Poubah (Master Wizard) notices they are gone. Each player plays with a metal piece with a magnet attached to it. If they run into walls and the magnet falls down, they have to start all over again. The cool thing about this game though (which makes it no ordinary memory game) is that it is chock full of hidden walls under the game board that you have to find by trial and error. What comes with this awesome labyrinth game:

  • Instructions of course
  • 4 metallic balls
  • Cloth bag
  • One die
  • Four different colored playing pieces (green, yellow, red and blue)
  • Board (including floor plate and underground labyrinth)
  • Play time: Approx twenty to thirty minutes per game
  • 24 wall pieces (wood)
  • 24 magic chips
  • Recommended Age: 6+


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