Minecraft Crafting Table Toy

Minecraft Crafting Table Toy



This nifty little Minecraft Crafting Table Toy comes with ten templates that you can use to make objects that you see in the game. Are you a fan of the Creeper face? Or maybe the Pickaxe? Whatever your favorite is, now you can build it yourself! Just place the provided cubes following the template (or create your own design if you want), spray it with a bit of water and then the cubes will stick together. Kit features:

  • The table, as seen above
  • Ten templates to choose from
  • Fifteen hundred cubes to craft with (that’s right, 1500!)
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Three design trays

Awesome gadget to get the Minecraft fan in your family.

Minecraft Crafting Table Toy – Product Demonstration / Instructions


Become a Toy Designer with the Minecraft Crafting Table! | Totally Cubical | Minecraft Mattel


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