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Modular Robotics MOSS Zombonitron 1600 Kit

Robotics for kids has never been more fun. This extraordinary construction system will allow your kids to learn basic circuitry, mechanical construction, robotics, programming and more… all while building cool robots!


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Modular Robotics has been in the business of designing amazing robotics for kids for years now, which help kids invent and design their own robot creations. They will learn basic circuitry, mechanical construction, robotics and more. These kits come with “construction” blocks which are designed to be a different part of a robot. Combining them in different ways allows your kids to build a different robot every time.

The MOSS Zombonitron 1600 Kit is one of their more recent concoctions.  It includes 16 MOSS blocks and 56 Carbon Steel Spheres. The kit is powered by a rechargeable LiPo battery with an included Micro-USB cable. It also includes an Extended Battery block, 2 Motors, a Light Sensor, a Proximity Sensor, 2 Corner blocks, 2 Wheels, a Long Flexy, a Hub, 4 Arch Braces, and a Short Brace.

What are you waiting for? ? ? Robotics for kids has never been so amazing!

Recommended ages: 8 – 15 years


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