OWI Air Power Racer Vehicle



OWI does it again with the awesome and ingenious OWI Air Power Racer Vehicle. With this kit, your kids can build a really cool racing vehicle, that is totally powered by air! That’s right, no batteries required at all. (Click HERE if you want to see other cool OWI toys). Cool features that it comes with:

  • It has a built-in pressure meter that let’s you see how much pressure has built up.
  • Designed with a safety valve so even if your kids pump too much air into it, it is designed to bleed out the excess air.
  • When cranked up to full air capacity, it can go up to about 45-50 meters in just over 30 seconds!

Great option if you are looking for a toy that is great for the environment and just plain awesome.

OWI Air Power Racer Vehicle Product Demonstration


Air Power Engine Car Demo


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