Phantom UV-Reactive Thinking Putty



A while back we posted the Heat-Sensitive Hyper-color Thinking Putty and it was a huge hit. Now, Crazy Aaron did it again, but better. How? Let us introduce the Phantom UV-Reactive Thinking Putty! Very similar to the other putty where it lets your kids build pretty much anything their little minds can think of. They can use it as part of a craft project/activity, as a stress reliever if their minds go into overdrive and just as a regular toy to play with and mold, stretch, tear apart, etc.
The difference with this one is that it comes with a UV key-chain light. Your kids can use it to draw or write whatever they want on the putty, then watch it change colors when the putty is exposed to UV light. Very cool gift for any kid.

Phantom UV-Reactive Thinking Putty Product Demonstration


NEW Phantoms Thinking Putty from Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld


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