Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

4Thought Products Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

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Puzzle Pod is an ingenious, unique, and fun way to deliver a gift by means of a brain teaser puzzle….and a good way to taunt someone.

With a coin slot, this secret puzzle box also doubles as a coin bank.

You set your own personalized combination – a five letter code word. Lock your wrapped or unwrapped gift inside, and then send someone on treasure hunt adventure, Da Vinci Code style!

Instead of just the typical gift, create a stimulating intellectual challenge for your friends, family or coworkers to test their code breaking skills. They won’t get your gift until they figure out the solution. It makes a unique corporate or client gift too. Take one to the office and see who can break your code and win a mystery gift or get access to the candy inside.

Call, email, or text your clues daily, weekly, or monthly. Length of the game is up to you. Could a clue be on a billboard, street sign, song titles or lyrics, book tittles or passages, hidden on a hiking trail, spelled out in white coral on lava rock somewhere in Kona, HI. Maybe clues lie with various people – relatives, coworkers, etc? Use your own creativity to deliver the clues.

The size of the bottle allows many items to be inserted such as candy, money, toys, gift cards, smart phones, jewelry, watches, concert, theater and sporting event tickets, and more. This product is intended for indoor use only.

If you like brain teasers, money maze gift boxes, or gift card puzzles, you’ll love this! Great for use as an escape room puzzle.  Additional information:

  • Brain Teaser Puzzle Provides a Fun and Novel Way to Deliver a Gift as Part of a Game
  • Puzzle Box Allows You to Create Your Own Treasure Hunt Adventure ala Da Vinci Code
  • Resettable Combination for Any Five Letter Word of Your Choice to Match Personalized Clues You Create
  • Money and Gift Card Puzzle Can be Used as an Adult Coin Bank. Holds Many Different Gift Items
  • Indoor Use Only. Great for Escape Room Games, Cryptex Puzzles, and Props. If you like money maze, you’ll love this.


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