Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Ultimate Stunt Set


Definitely not your average marble run game!



If your kids love the run-of-the-mill marble run games, then the Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Ultimate Stunt Set will blow their mind! The colorful translucent cubes can be placed any which way, which allows your kids to let their imagination go wild and build any structure they want. But the “piece de resistance” is the double-exit cubes… you will have no idea where the marble is going to go! The latest version of the kit comes with all the standard Q-Ba pieces, but it also has three new additions: quad exit cubes, marble catchers and the spiral sphere!
From the manufacturer: “The Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Ultimate Stunt Set gives average marble runs a run for their hard-earned cashola. For beginners, the package’s vivid translucent cubes mix right into an infinite number of attractively invigorated structures. The double-exit cubes build suspense when it’s anyone’s guess which way the marble will end up rolling. Develop a lot more awesome marble skills with the Ultimate Stunt Set! This truly is the ultimate set as it contains standard Q-Ba parts with three exciting enhancements: the spiral sphere, quad exit cubes, and marble catchers!”
Recommended age: All ages (even parents)

Q-BA-Maze Ultimate Stunt Set Product Demonstration


Q-BA-MAZE Ultimate Stunt Set by MindWare Toys


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