Rock Me Archimedes

Rock Me Archimedes


Your kids will need to put their critical thinking cap on for this award winning game.



Rock Me Archimedes, winner of the 2012 Marbles Game Design Contest, is a 2-player easy-to-learn game that merges skill, mind-blowing strategies and a wee bit of luck. The idea behind this game is that you have get four marbles from one end of the board to the other, but without making it tip over… or even better, make your opponent topple over. Absolute mind-boggling fun! A standard Rock Me Archimedes game normally lasts between 20-30 minutes. Cool stuff that comes with the kit: board, platform, special die, 24 marbles (half white, half black) and a nifty marble tray to hold all the marbles.
From the manufacturer: “The superior quality and the concept of Rock Me Archimedes is incredible. It’s the kind of thing which you can leave out on the coffee table to show-off. It’s easy to master so you can immediately begin to play a game with any person who takes an interest with it. There’s even a nifty marble storage container constructed right into the base to make sure that you never ever lose your marbles!”
Recommended age: 8+

Rock Me Archimedes Product Demonstration


Rock Me Archimedes


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