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Scientific Explorer Disgusting Anatomy of the Heart Science Kit



If you are looking for science experiment kits for kids, then look no further. With this amazing kit, the youthful scientists in your family have a chance to create an amazingly sensible, life-sized human heart! Don’t worry, it’s completely safe and only made out of corn starch, some gelatin and a splash on food coloring. Not only will they have a lot of fun, they will be learning more about anatomy and why the heart is such a crucial organ.
Once they are done studying the different parts of what makes a heart tick, and discovering how the heart pumps blood all throughout the body, they can then move onto the bonus prize…. the eyeball mold!
Kit includes:
– Instructions that explain how things work
– Heart and eye molds
– Gelatin (eighty five grams)
– Food coloring (3 bottles)
– Paintbrush and stick to mix things up.

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