Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit

Snap Circuits Light



Snap Circuits Light is a fantastic way to bring out the scientific side of the pre-teen or teen in your family. This amazing kit comes with over one hundred and seventy-five mini-projects to try out. The general idea of this kit is to connect an MP3 player (or iPod) to the Snap Circuits Light kit and watch what happens! They can create their own show depending on the music they decide to play. Awesome choice for any kids party. Neat features/benefits:

  • Teaches engineering with a variety of lights and circuits
  • Has an almost endless supply of possible circuits they can arrange
  • Has over fifty-five components to play with, including strobe light, infrared detector, etc.
  • Detailed instructions to get you started in the right direction

Definitely a must-have if you want to explore the world of science with your kids.

Snap Circuits Lights – Product Demonstration


Snap Circuits LIGHT Model SCL-175 Review


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