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The ThinkFun Solitaire Chess game is a neat little twist on the age-old game of chess. Designed for solo play, this version comes with sixty challenge cards and the idea behind it is that you pick a challenge card and then set up the board according to the card. Then, try to capture and destroy all the pieces using typical chess moves, but you have to leave one man standing. The challenge is that you have to capture on every single move, so you need to cozy up to your best friend on this one, which is logic. Neat features/benefits:

  • Four different difficulty levels, which are great for improving your chess skills.
  • Comes with excellent instructions, rules on how to move and hints if needed.
  • Built-in storage drawer so you don’t lose the pieces and easy portability.
  • Online version available as well, in case you are stuck somewhere without the kit!

Recommended age: 8+

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