Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

The Spy Video TRAKR is a step above the rest. Not only is it equipped with stealth threads, it also has a built-in video camera and speaker so you can take your adventures to a whole new level.


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Spy Gear does not disappoint once again. This cool remote control has everything your kids need to be awesome spies. It was designed with special stealth threads, a microphone, video capabilities, near infrared LED for night vision, and SD memory card slot (for storing videos). With all these options available, your kids will be able to spy on just about anyone… including you, so proceed with caution!

Another reason why this beats all other remote controls is that it also comes with 8MB of memory that lets you store apps. Built-in apps include:

– Cyborg Vision – Let’s you spy objects just like a robot
– Night Vision – Let’s you spy on people in the dark
– Path Mapper – Let’s you map out different paths

If you look around on the Web, you can also find a ton of other apps for the TRAKR.

One thing to keep in mind is that it wasn’t built to handle the tough terrain (e.g.: sand, snow, water, etc.) so stick to cleaner surfaces and it’ll be just fine. Also, the SD memory card and 10 AA batteries needed to operate it are NOT included.

Ages: 8 years and up
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