Squigz Deluxe Set Building Kit


Who knew you could have so much fun with suction cups!


Squigz is a fun suction cup toy that lets your kids create, well, just about anything. One day they can decide to create a rocket ship, the next day a robot… or whatever else their minds can concoct. A squigz is made of silicone (latex and BPA-free) and is a flexible little suction cup that your kids can stick to just about anything… windows, tables, desks, cars, their foreheads, their parents’ foreheads, etc. We recommend this deluxe pack which has 50 pieces, instead of the starter pack which has 24 pieces, because it is just a little bit more money and a lot more pieces.
Won the “Best in Play” award at the International Toy-fair, Parenting Magazine

Product Demonstration


Squigz - Suction Construction!


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